Add yourself on the MAP

It took four years, patakosmos was born in 2014, but finally we found the perfect solution to help you grow it more and more.


Add yourself on the map as pataphysican by our form, fill out them and add now your geographical position on our pataphysical map of the world.
You can also submit to us your content by entering in each category: Institutes, Websites, Micronations, Pataphysicians.

If you have to submit us your texts, photos, video or other materials please use this form


Don’t forget that you can also participate to Patakosmos Press Open Access, our free online editorial project, cultural and scientific, leading education innovators to expand access to free, high-quality pataphysical materials in several languages possible, with a focus on our great Science.


We need you to improve this great PATAPHYSICAL MAP.

GreeNtings! ha!


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