Infinite zoom

The Zoomquilt is a hypnotic, infinitely zooming image created by Berlin artist Nikolaus Baumgarten and a team of illustrators that weaves together a patchwork of different fantasy paintings into a single, seemingly endless shot. The work, which was inspired by the ongoing Gridcosm project.

Here we collect three projects that Baumgarten has created with many other artists. Click on the images to open the project. We felt the need!


by Nikolaus Baumgarten.

by Nikolaus Baumgarten and Sophia Schomberg.

 Zoomquilt 2 
Illustrations: Aeyol, Artdek, ÄssnBaumgarn, Beetlebum, Big O, Brandish, Dazzled, Der Hase, Duracel, Ebr, Fidgit, Gogan, Hase, Hermann, Igino, Inken, Jan, Jaster, Jito, Kassandra, Lucy, Markus, Nacho, Pictor, Raganaga, Reitz, Sakamies, Shadow, Shu, Stu, Vulti.

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