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Patakosmos is a project made up and developed by Giovanni Ricciardi and a group of  writers, visual artists around the world.

“We thought of patakosmos because

generally we felt the need.”

On the Pata map you can find a pataphysical institute and search pataphysicians from all over the world. Watch videos, use pata tools and find rare texts and download for free pataphysical e-books from our repository. You can also translate them in your language and publish with Patakosmos Press Open Access.

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The vastest and most profound of Sciences, that which indeed contains all the others within itself whether they want it or not, ’Pataphysics or the science of imaginary solutions was illustrated by Alfred Jarry in the admirable person of Doctor Faustroll. The Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician, written in 1897-1898 and first published in 1911 (after Jarry’s death), contain both the Principles and the Purposes of ’Pataphysics, science of the particular, science of exceptions (it being clearly understood of course, that the world contains nothing except exceptions, and that a “rule” is precisely an exception to the exception; as for the universe, Faustroll defined it as “that which is the exception to oneself”.

The Science, to which Jarry dedicated his life, is practised unwittingly by all mankind. Human beings could more easily dispense with breathing than with Pataphysics. We find ’Pataphysics in the Exact and Inexact Sciences (though nobody admits it), in the Fine Arts and the Foul Arts, in every kind of Literary Activity. Open the newspaper, turn on the radio or television, explore the Internet, they speak Pataphysics!

Pataphysics is the very substance of this world.

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