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Press Open Access is a cultural and scientific project to expand access to free, high-quality materials in several languages possible, with a focus on our great Science.

These resources will be released under open licenses that allow free use and sharing. Promoting and expanding access to these resources will help to create educational opportunity, further scientific learning.

The Patakosmos Press Open Access is a collaborative project of,  a vertical portal that will be a gateway to the rich primary source materials relating to the pataphysical researches in all languages.

Three things we want to do

• Offer information and support to translate existing texts and write them in your own language.

• Publish important and rare texts in a special pdf edition and make them available for free download from our repository.

• Spread as many publications as possible in as many languages as possible.

Example of  Patakosmos Press E-book: Testament by I.L.Sandomir

Do you want to translate a Pataphysics book, a text, research and make it accessible in your language?

The translation of the texts are freely granted by volunteer contributors to Patakosmos Press and preserve forever their name.

Patakosmos Press will make available for free download on in digital format pdf.

Here’s what you do:

1. Choose a book from our repository or other pataphysical text* 

2. Translate it in your language.

3. Fill out the consent to publish form online and send it. 

*Always verify copyright to be able to publish with Patakosmos Press

Open Access Publishing

Because OA uses copyright-holder consent or the expiration of copyright, it does not require the reform, abolition, or infringement of copyright law. One easy, effective, and increasingly common way for copyright holders to manifest their consent to OA is to use one of the Creative Commons licenses. Many other open-content licenses will also work. Copyright holders could also compose their own licenses or permission statements and attach them to their works (though there are good reasons not to do so without legal advice).

For more information on the open access

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