Stanley Chapman

Stanley Chapman

Stanley Chapman

Stanley Chapman (15 September 1925 – 26 May 2009) was a British architect, designer, translator and writer. His interests included theatre and 'pataphysics. He was involved with founding the National Theatre of London, was a member of Oulipo of the year 1961,[1] founder of the Outrapo and a member also of the French Collège de 'Pataphysique, the London Institute of 'Pataphysics and the Lewis Carroll Society. In the early 1950s he contributed poems and designed covers for the literary magazines and and contributed translations to , a magazine edited by the poet Ewart Milne.[2] His English translation of A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems was received with "admiring stupefaction"[3] by Raymond Queneau.

Some publications

  • Onze mille verbes, cent virgules Temps Mêlés n° 98, Verviers, 1969.
  • Messaline au Bistrot Dragée Haute n°21. 1996. Publié par Noël Arnaud.
  • Epopélerinage Dragée Haute n°35. 1999. Publié par Noël Arnaud.

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