Nuncio Casanova

When the illustration force your memory through the image, as in a game of mirrors to rebuild a new imaginary world. Nuncio Casanova is an illustrator of Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico. Of this great Pataphysician we do not find a biography that this one statement:

One day I stole a ragged magazine. I walked away the reading room while whistling nervously. Later, alone, I took that old art feuilleton out of my sweated shirt and there I met missus Dada who taught me how to cut and paste old prints and photographs which show the way one must behave when at the table with an oiled wrestler queen.”

 nuncio casanova  nuncio-casanova1874  nuncio-casanova165
 nuncio-casanova  Nuncio-Casanova-pere-ubu  nuncio-casanova132
 nuncio-casanova1787  nuncio-casanova14  nuncio-casanova7
 nuncio-casanova9  nuncio-casanova10  nuncio-casanova198
 nuncio-casanova6  nuncio-casanova5  nuncio-casanova3
 nuncio-casanova4  nuncio-casanova3  nuncio-casanova2
 nuncio-casanova1  nuncio-casanova1878  nuncio-casanova12


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