Fifth Magisterium of Her Magnificence Tanya Peixoto

Les Voûtes on rue des Frigos, Paris 9 Gidouille E.P.
Les Voûtes on rue des Frigos, Paris 9 Gidouille E.P.

For a number of years the head of the college has been a crocodile: Her Magnificence Lutembi, but it still came as something of a surprise to some of the old members to have a woman elected, and a non-French woman at that. The college’s complex electoral system ultimately reduces the number of people who can vote down to one. In this case it was the Spanish playwright and filmmaker Fernando Arrabal, author of The Automobile Graveyard, the Labyrinth, and more than 100 other titles and a Transcendent Satrape of the college, and he chose Tanya, of the London bookartbookshop and the London Institute of ‘Pataphysics.” Barry Miles


At the Parisian event of 9 Gidouille 141 E.P. ( June 23, 2014), the inaugural celebration of the 5th Magisterium of the collège de ‘Pataphysique, were present all European pataphysicists , French, Belgians, Spanish and English. It was an historic evening organized at Les voûtes on rue des Frigos, the venue was made of stone, like a tunnel, an imaginary tunnel where stopping and desing new imaginary solutions and highlight new exceptions to rules.


The evening was an intense two-hour program, with two Important speech of the Provéditeur Général Légat Thieri Foulc and the Transcendent Satrap Fernando Arrabal. The triumphal entry to Her Magnificence Tanya Peixoto, a tribute to the previous Vice-Curators, Irenee-Louis Sandomir, Jean Mollet, Opach until the last Lutembi, Her Magnificence the crocodile. Everyone waited anxiously the speech of Her Magnificence Peixoto, who ended up with new pataphysical nominations . The evening ended with the singing and the chorus of the disembraining song then a final drink to celebrate.




Special Thanks for the photos to the pataphysician Matthijs van Boxsel


Now we can sing together the Song of the Disembraining ! Viva Sa Magnificence Tanya Peixoto! HA!