Why Donate

Patakosmos is maintained since January 2013.
A team works for free on this site to administrate, increase contents and manage all site issues. Any costs for are paid out of our own pocket, since the project is free and will remain free. If you want to help us financially in funding the project, we accept donations via PayPal. Click “donate” button and feel free to make a small donation, or send a PayPal donation directly to our account: Donations are welcome in the currency of your choice.

Thanks in advance for your support! HA!


How to Donate

The preferred method of donation is Paypal. This is something akin to an online bank, through which you can transfer funds internationally and in several currencies. The only downside is that the receiver, in this case the owner of, pays a small fee to receive your money. Paypal entails that you have a credit card (or in some countries, just a bank account will suffice). Paypal is free for you the donor to use to send money. It’s instantaneous and secure. When you try to donate you will automatically be given the option to start a paypal account (it’s free) if you don’t have one already.

Please only donate if you want to and you can afford to do so. If you wish to send a personal cheque, please get in contact for details here



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