CHEZBelette Institute



The ‘CHEZBelette Institute, sometimes called “Ecole Normale” CHEBelette, or ENC, is an establishment located in Paris whose origins date back to the pataphysician revolution.

It exists in its present form since 1998. The objective of this influential institute is to implement the principles of pataphysics.
“More precisely, we find practical applications based on the principles of pataphysics,” says Cedric Kray, president of CHEZBelette.

Its 630 pataphysicians called “CHEBS”, undertake to exercise the pataphysician business in France and throughout the world.
Our job is to pataphysically transform the lives of thousands of people by providing the services and products of pataphysics.
What is a product of pataphysics? “For example, boiling water to thaw, which is one of the products that we make the most, or the possibility to pay someone to sleep for you.”



“With a portfolio of 300 products and services, we supply more than 3000 customers per year – personalities as well as anonymous or other pataphysicians” says Arnaud Umber Charlotte, artistic director.

In its logic of pataphysician globalization, ‘CHEZBelette has opened a new house in Shanghai in 2014, Montreal and New York. In these houses, we welcome our customers to reveal their problems. We answer by creating a pataproduit, or pataservice.

To work at ‘CHEZBelette, you can simply buy the position you want. The institute is open to everyone without exception, in the pure pataphysician mind.

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